Here is the definition that my online dictionary gave for busy-excessively filled with detail. Isn’t that a great definition? I feel like I should get a cute tee that says that in big pink letters, cause that is what life has been around here, excessively filled with details. Not really bad details, but still make me run around and act crazy  kind of details. Goofy things like 3 soccer practices, and getting 3 kids ready to go to 3 different(new) schools, getting 2 remaining children ready for the homeschool year.

My little guy on his 1st day of kindergarten!

Here is Miss P, in uniform, on her way to full day school for the 1st time.

And in the midst of that we had the honor of having the cutest, sweetest, most fabulous baby around at our house for a whole week!

My cutie niece came for a visit! My very prego sis with baby #2 came all the way from Tennessee for a little vacation in Seattle. This was the first time we had all gotten to meet Miss Cutie herself and she had my whole entire clan just wrapped around her little finger.


And to our great sadness, they are gone back to Tennessee. There is no cute baby for us to all watch and laugh with.  *sigh* I guess its just back to school, soccer, and homework. *sigh*

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Mr. H’s breakfast yumminess.

Being the Betty Crocker mom that I am, I made yummy pancakes for breakfast. I always feel very proud of myself when I make pancakes instead of toast with peanut butter. So this was pancake morning. Being quite inspired, I even boiled a couple of eggs. Now I was pretty sure that would put me into some prize for cool mom.

So I’m flipping pancakes and handing them out to kids at the table. All the pancake fixings are on the table ready for use. Mr. H comes to me and asks for the ketchup. In my euphoric breakfast mind state, I say yes. But then I stop. Ketchup! Wait we are eating pancakes. Syrup + pancakes not ketchup + pancakes.

“Hey Mr. H, come show me”.

Please notice the ketchup in the middle of my nice pancake. He took his boiled eggs and cut them into little pieces. Then he cut his pancake in half. And of course, the eggs and ketchup went into the pancake. Like a big ole’ nasty breakfast sandwich.

After this picture he asked me, in his most serious voice, if I wanted a bite. Yeah…..I didn’t.

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Learning Empathy.

The other night, as kids were getting teeth brushed and ready to head off to bed, I was flipping through the channels I noticed that there was a great show coming on PBS. Wide Angle. It would be about 3 kids that were abducted and became child soldiers in Uganda. It would be their story. So I started watching it, and slowly my bigger kids started trickling into the living room. We get a little background on the rebels and how long this war has been going on, and then they dive into these 3 kid’s stories. As we are watching Mr. O and Mr. H start pummeling me with questions. Questions about the war, about the children in Uganda, are they scared?, why don’t they just not fight for the rebels?. And on and on. Really good questions actually. I am trying to answer as best as I can and watch the documentary at the same time. Then there is this scene where this 12 year old kid is walking, alone, on this road going to see his mom for the first time in a year. He ran away from the rebel army and was now at this rehabilitation type place that tries to get ex child soldiers back to some kind of normal life. So this boy is walking. Mr. H says, ” I would be so scared to walk”. Then Mr. O answers him, “I would never be able to sleep at night being worried that they would take me again”. And on and on my boys go. Imagining what it would be like. Putting themselves into this little Ugandan boy’s shoes.

WOW!!!! I sat there stunned. You see, my boys have lived most of their lives in an orphanage during a war. Both of those circumstances do not breed empathy or compassion. It breeds survival. Making sure that you are safe. And here these two boys sat, watching about other children in a country far away from Liberia. A country that they know nothing about. And they felt empathy and they felt compassion.

The following days both boys still continued to have questions. And finally, they landed on the big question, “what can we do?”. What a fabulous question! Now they live in a country, where not only can we know what is happening in the world, but we can do something.

Here are some of the places we have found-

So, what can we do?

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The new dresser

One of Mr. O’s summer projects was to sand, prime,and paint Miss P’s dresser. They would be her very favorite colors in the world; pink and purple (with sparkle as her 3rd favorite!). He just finished it last week, and it turned out really cute. Miss P was just in awe of the pink and purpleness that was now in her room.

So after church Sunday I sent the kids to put on play clothes. As I am making lunch Miss P calls me into her room. She shows me a purple shirt and a pink skirt. She asks if she can wear this outfit, because she will match her new shiny dresser. I look at her for a minute trying to decide a)can I laugh? b)is it okay to have ones only daughter dress like her furniture?

I figured why not? I told Mr. O that he should be totally flattered at life imitating his art work!

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The Littles

I’m having a hard time finding time to blog. So here are some way cute pictures of Little G with his very best friend in the whole world, Little O. These two guys met each other when they were still in diapers, toddling around. They truly adore each other and have each other’s back against the terrible evils of big brothers and sisters. They are known as “the littles” when our families are together. The Littles get away with stuff that those big kids would never be able to. Like coming inside with the moms(when they should be outside), sleeping over at each others house, and getting a little extra juice. I’m glad that these two have each other(imagine the Toy Story song, ‘You Got a Friend in Me’ playing…). And seriously, could they be any cuter???

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Don’t you love getting mail?

So we are just having lazy, hazy days of summer without a whole lot of excitement to blog about. I thought maybe kids are starting to get bored, and what better to help bored kids than writing letters! Old fashioned letters and cards……(Doesn’t it make you have all kinds of fun thoughts about getting mail….)

Being sick and in the hospital is way unfun! But getting cool mail while you’re in the hospital would totally rock!

  • Isaac is the cutest little guy!!! I’ve been following his mom’s blog all during her adoption of this little man and then life with him. He had a bump of sorts of his back. He recently had surgery to have it removed. And as you can imagine back surgery is hard and recouping from that is even harder. He will in the hospital for quite a while now. Go to www.bringingisaachome.blogspot.com and on the right hand side there is an address to send Isaac cards.
  • We heard about Cora through Mr.O’s soccer team. His cousin plays on Mr. O’s team. Cora is a cutie little 4 year old with kidney cancer. She had surgery and now will spend the next 20 weeks having chemo. I have Cora’s address so if anyone is interested email me at, tabitha_carr@yahoo.com.

I totally don’t want mom and dad left out….

  • www.prisoneralert.com is a ministry of Voice of the Martyrs. Its kinda like it sounds, you write letters to Christian prisoners all over the world. All the rules of writing are on the website. Seriously, once a week write a letter. So easy!

Happy Monday!!!

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Nothing like a horse movie…..

So my mom gave us the movie Flicka a while back. We haven’t really watched it, cause all my boys thought it was a sissy girl movie. And they sure weren’t gonna sit and watch it…..until yesterday.

Girl loves horse, girl can’t have horse, horse gets really hurt and girl gets really sick . With a happy ending, of course! So we are at the part where the horse got hurt really bad and the girl is really sick, like she might die. Little G says, “this is really sad!”. I look over at him and there are little tears in his eyes. I turn around to where my 3 big, macho boys are sitting. Each one looks sadder than the other.  Depression and despair all over their faces.

Nothing like a girly horse movie to bring some smack talkin’ boys down!

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