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Yummy, yummy Frosty’s.

So I just found out that tomorrow on Father’s Day, for every frosty bought at Wendy’s, Wendy’s will donate 50 cents to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. So its Father’s Day, go treat your special man to a yummy frosty.

uuuummmmm…..can’t you already taste the yummy frostiness???

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Brasil vs. Canada

So tomorrow, much to the anticipation of every male in my household, is the big game. The Brasilian National Soccer team versus the Canadian team. For my soccer crazed family watching the Brasil game is a “once in a lifetime opportunity”(an actual quote from my husband!).

So today the team arrived in Seattle and I spent most of my day explaining to my children and husband why is not ok to go to the team’s hotel and stalk them. Mr. H actually came up with an idea to get a room at the hotel, so they could just “run into” a real Brasilian soccer player.

And the icing on this already fabulous cake? Mr.O gets to be a ball boy for the game. If he gets to throw the ball the Robinho, he is pretty sure that he might truly poo his pants! 🙂

Beware…..lots of soccer pictures to come!

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a house full….

What will I remember about this Memorial Day weekend?


We had two fabulous Liberian boys over, that were adopted to a super-cool family about an hour away, we had a soccer tournament, we fed 7 kids(6 of which are huge boys that eat way inappropriate amounts), listened to incredible amounts of smack talk from a bunch of boys, and of course I had to wake up at a horrid, booty crack early hour of 6 am every day to go to the goofy soccer tournament.

On day #2 of big, early morning soccer tournament our neighbor thought a soccer game sounded like a fun idea. So off in our van, we just pile em all in.

So in case you are wondering what a car filled with 8 kiddos(7 of which are stanky boys) is like. Well there is a lot of very, very loud singing, punching of people sitting around you, passing gas, telling glory stories from previous soccer games…….did I mention punching people and having gas???

My boys love having their buddies from Liberia over. I mean, they all lived together for years. Now they are all here in America trying to learn to live in families.

(How cutie are those two?)

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A HUGE thank you!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about some great places to spend all of our fatty income tax money. Two days ago I received a little update from Africa Bags. Ten bags have been bought from you guys!!!! That’s money going back into the people of Malawi to continue on in their business. Guys…seriously that is way hard core cool!

My sis let us borrow a Caedmon’s Call. The cd is called Share the Well. And that song is all about what can we do. How can we help? How do we, individually, share the well? Here are the lyrics,

Share the well
Share with your brother
Share the well, my friend
It takes a deeper well
To love one another
Share the well, my friend

Do you think the water knows
Flowing down to the mountain thaw
Finally to find repose
For any soul who cares to draw
Some kindred keepers of this earth
On their way to join the flow
Are cast aside and left to thirst
Tell me now it is not so

All God’s creatures share the water hole
The blessed day the monsoon comes
And in His image we are woven
Every likeness every one
From Kashmir to Karala
Under every banyan tree
Mothers for their children cry
With empty jar and bended knee

You know I’ve heard good people say
There’s nothing I can do
That’s half a world away
Well maybe you’ve got money
Maybe you’ve got time
Maybe you’ve got the Living Well
That ain’t ever running dry

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Knock me out!

So after 10 days of a lovely cough I took the plunge and went to the doctor today. My one reason for going…….sleep. I really, really, really want to sleep. No crazy fits of uncontrollable coughing. Just sweet sleep.


So here is the magic medicine that I pray will knock me out and I will not open my eye lids until like noon tomorrow( or like 7).

So happy non-coughing dreams to me!

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oh soooo sick

I have had the crud. Not just any yucky crud, but kick my booty, teach me my place kinda crud. All week. It has lasted all week! Sore throat, coughing, fever, headaches, cold all in in my face. Tuesday was the worst. I just layed on the couch like some weird zombie, falling in and out of sleep. Like, I knew I needed to wake up and ya know feed my children. But I would just fall back asleep. The kids must have watched like 45 hours of tv that day, cause I was out of it.

On Wednesday my sweet nurse mama came over to take care of my and my poor kiddos whose brains I had completely fried with tv the day before. I went to my bed and crashed. I awoke to a very quite house. Thanking God for my great mom, I jump in the shower, praying that if I act like I am well maybe I will soon be well. After my shower I look out my window and catch a glimpse of my mom and kids coming back from the grocery store. They were on foot……with the store grocery cart in tow. Oh my Lord! We are the trashy neighbors! This brings my total for shopping carts in my yard up to 2! (Go here if you missed out on shopping cart #1.)

The rest of my Wednesday and Thursday are blur of Robitussin, Tylenol, and my never ending supply of cough drops. Today I am starting to feel much more like myself. If I could only unclog my head so I could hear others and myself…..

My little precious children, always trying to see the positive side, gave me some good reasons to be sick. Like just in case I ever want to feel horridly sick again here are some good reasons.

  • We get to watch lots of tv!
  • Mom doesn’t care what clothes we put on.
  • Dad let’s us play tons of Fifa of the Playstation.
  • No school!!

Ok, off to go pop another cough drop and chug some OJ.

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Wheel & axels, levers, and wedges…..


Those two above are my home-schooled kids. I know they look oh so sweet, but leave those two unsupervised…….. Anyways, we have been having the most boring science lessons ever! I am not really a science girl, so simple machines and measuring volume isn’t what I would call exciting. So I pulled up our list of other science lessons that we need to get done this year. I needed a break from pulleys, graduated cylinders, and the ever so exciting inclined plane. So there were lessons like the human body and circle of life:animals. I thought, “cool finally something more interesting than measuring stuff”.

Unknown to be Mr. M was standing behind me reading the science list. So as I was thinking about how much fun we could have with learning about the human body, I hear Mr. M running down the hallway calling to Mr.H.

“Guess what, Mr.H!!!!”, says Mr. M in a very, very excited voice. “I saw our science choices and we get to learn about ROCKS!!!!”

“I love rocks!”, exclaimed Mr.H.

Me, too!!! Let’s go tell mom that we chose rocks”

Wait a minute, rocks?. I’m not sure trading wheel & axle for rocks is any better. I mean c’mon, rocks. Those little ,hard things outside. Rocks!!!

“Mom, we love rocks and we want to study about rocks.”,Mr.H smiles at me.

“But look the human body. We can learn about why we poo. You guys like to talk about poo right?”(please, please want to talk about poo!)

“Ummm, no we chose rocks. Aren’t they the coolest, mom?”

Yeah, rocks are super cool! So today in science I gave our first lesson in… Go me!

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