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Potatoes and those Crazy Skinheads!

I’m sitting here enjoying my coffee, totally procrastinating the job before me. You see tomorrow morning we head to Boise, Idaho for another soccer tournament. Originally we were to go to some big soccer tournament in California, close to Disneyland. So we were gonna make a big family vacation out of it. Go to Hollywood, Disneyland, and all things California. Then came the word that our coach decided not to go to California, but to Idaho.

“Hey kids, we aren’t going to California anymore. It would have been a really long car ride anyways. That would have been horrible, right? Instead we are going to……Idaho!!”

Of course the next question from my kids is what is there to do in Idaho (they were kinda hoping for a Disneyland in Idaho). So I paused to conjure up some great, fun Idaho knowledge. And all I came up with was potatoes and arayan nation. Then I kinda became a little worried about those nutty skinheads. Would they just stroll around Boise, with their shaved heads, like taking in the sights of Boise? Then would they see my clan and shoot us dirty looks and throw Nazi flags at us? My mind has been eased though since several very knowledgeable people have told me that as long as we don’t go up north we probably won’t see any aryan nation folks. BUT if I do see one, I’m gonna totally be like of those tourist that go into Amish country. I will soooo take pictures!

So back to today…… I am packing for our big trip to ……Boise!!! Now you might be wondering why aren’t I letting my kids pack themselves. I mean they are all big kids, very capable of putting clothes into a bag. Well, because my boys would choose outfits to wear in public, in another state, that would totally embarrass me. Like weird football jerseys(ya know, the ones with those tiny little holes all in them) with matching color soccer short. Here is an example, we have a maroon 49r’s jerseys, which always gets matched with bright red soccer shorts. They boys think that they look oh so cool, but they don’t. So I spend extra time packing up my fashion senseless boys and they don’t look like goobers walking beside me in Boise.

Ok, so off to pack……

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Brasil vs. Canada part 2

So last night was the night. Brasil vs. Canada. Seattle was hoppin’ with yellow and green. Brasil fans here, Brasil fans there. So, so cool……

A small group of us went and sat in the cheapest seats around. We were so high up that I really would have felt much safer with some kind of safety harness on. But to take our minds off of our extremely unsafe seats, were the overly intoxicated college guys. We high fived a lot, and promised not to tell the other guy that somebody had put a sticker on their back.

All in all we had such a blast. Mr. O was on the field the whole game as “ball manager”(aka ball boy). He loved being able to describe in detail, players that his brothers only saw as little ants down on the field! 🙂

So, I know you are all just gitty waiting for some cool Brasil soccer pictures. Waa-lah! …….ooohhh…I almost forgot, Brasil totally won 3-2.

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Brasil vs. Canada

So tomorrow, much to the anticipation of every male in my household, is the big game. The Brasilian National Soccer team versus the Canadian team. For my soccer crazed family watching the Brasil game is a “once in a lifetime opportunity”(an actual quote from my husband!).

So today the team arrived in Seattle and I spent most of my day explaining to my children and husband why is not ok to go to the team’s hotel and stalk them. Mr. H actually came up with an idea to get a room at the hotel, so they could just “run into” a real Brasilian soccer player.

And the icing on this already fabulous cake? Mr.O gets to be a ball boy for the game. If he gets to throw the ball the Robinho, he is pretty sure that he might truly poo his pants! 🙂

Beware…..lots of soccer pictures to come!

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my little trash talker


Little G has joined the ranks of stud soccer players. He is finally on a “real” team. He gets to have water bottles for practice and he has already decided on the flavor of Gatorade for his first game. He is thrilled beyond belief.


My only worry for my guy, is his little mouth. Being the youngest of 4, that spends all his time playing soccer with big kids my son has picked up some big kid stuff. Namely smack talk. He’s already talked about at his first game that he will juke (juke-Liberian English for dribbling around someone) all the guys on the team. He’s gonna show them how they play in China. Booyah!

Yeah…….I’m a little worried about my 4 year old getting kicked off the field. I would be the psycho weird soccer mom, whose kid talks all kinds of trash and gets thrown out of games.

Fun times!

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Sadness and soccer.

So this past Saturday was the Washington State Cup finals for all the age divisions. Our ultra-cool 13 year old, Mr. O, and his team made it to the finals. Our first time…ever! The excitement was HUGE! I seriously felt very vomity the whole game.

Then all of a sudden very club dancing music comes on and an announcer welcomes both teams onto the field.


Then all the boys get announced….one at a time! It was so cool!! 🙂

But alas in the first 5 minutes we score…..on ourselves. Oh the sadness. The final score was 2-0 for them.


This is our down-trodden team receiving their medals. Please also notice the stupid black team with their ugly Hawaiian leis (the winner of this game goes to Hawaii to play regionals) .

But the beauty is that our season is over! No soccer every weekend, no practices. What will we do with ourselves?

{Very deep sigh}

The sad truth is that we only have a week off until try-outs this weekend and our season will start all over again. (a small tear is trickling down….)

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State cup, baby!!!!

Mr. O’s soccer team is in the midst of Washington State Cup. All the teams in Washington play off, slowly eliminating team after team. It’s so exciting!! So last night our team, the HEAT, played for a spot in the final game next weekend.

It was so official. Like a professional game. Both teams walked out in two single file lines behind the 3 ref’s. Then they made a big long line to our massive applause. Then it was game on baby!


(we are the team in red)


The game was intense and fabulous! Mr. O scores the first goal and it was one of those beyond beautiful goals. I would post more pictures of the game, but I was too busy wringing my hands, screaming at the refs(in Portuguese. Its not so weird and creepy to scream at the refs at a kids soccer game if you do it in another language.), and biting my nails. Of course in the last 5 minutes of the game, where we are leading 1-0, the other teams makes a goal. Oh my gosh, we are gonna have to go to overtime then penalty kicks!! I might vomit. But behold, we score!!!! We are going to the finals!!!!WOO-HOO!!!Our little team is one of the top 2 in the state. Tell me that doesn’t rock it hard? 🙂

And as a side note, at the end of this month is our one year anniversary with Mr.O and Mr.H. Mr.O started on this team when he had only been here for about 2 weeks. This team, this sport has given him the opportunity to learn about US culture, to come into his own in this new place. He has made buddies and is very confident . I was so incredibly proud of him last night. After the game all the boys ran to us, their families. Seventeen crazed 13 year olds running as fast as they could, to us. And Mr. O found me and gave me a huge hug. And he just hugged me and hugged me.


State Cup finals here we come….

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Blissful Saturday!

So why was it a blissful Saturday? Oh the reasons…….aahhhhh….

  1. There was sunshine! For those of you not in the Seattle area, I’m not sure you can grasp the importance of sun of a Saturday in October in Seattle. Its not kind of a big deal, its a massive deal here. This day of sun will be talked about with loving memories for the next couple of months until May comes and we see that blessed sun again.
  2. We only had two soccer games to day!!!!!!Let me repeat this one, 2 soccer games. Not 3, 2. Yup, only 2!!!!!!H did not have a game today so we went to O’s game, all together, came home and had lunch. Then we went to M’s game at 3, all together. Again this is very important we only had 2 games and we got to all go together!!!!!
  3. My mom went to the new Kohl’s that just opened here and loves me a lot, so she bought me some little happies!!!!!!So ultra-cute long sleeve shirts. Which is good, cause I have misplaced my long sleeve clothes. I found 2 shirts, one of which is a pajama shirt (and I always wonder when I wear it if people can tell its a pj shirt). So new shirts was a total score. But my fave item was this blue micro-fleece super softy blanket. Oh sweet lord, its soft!!!! I have it on now as I type. And it makes me so happy……….Thanks, Shiba!!
  4. My hubby bought me Tim’s Salt & Vinegar Chips. And no, I did not share, that what the Pringle’s Pizza flavored chips were for….the kids.

So as you can see my day has been delightful. And to boot, Mr. M did beyond great at his soccer game today. He was goalie and so rocked that goal hard!!!!My little dude was beyond great, if I do say so myself. In his age division they still switch out players, and Mr. M got to play almost all of the 2nd half!

So please enjoy my goalie and what’s left of our blissful afternoon!

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