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The Building

This morning my hubby and I spent a good hour trying to sike ourselves into going to church. We didn’t go. It has been almost a year that we have been church-less. And seriously, it sucks. We thought we had found this church, and we were excited to just dive in and put roots down. They believe in Jesus and the Bible. Nice folks. Perfect! Ahhhh,….until last Sunday. So the head pastor has been traveling for about a month. And he was there last Sunday. He had been at this big church conference, where all these pastors gathered to support and help each other. Apparently one of the speakers said that it is easier to get a church to give money than to pray. So the head pastor said that he wants this (our) church to prove this guy wrong. That this church is a praying church. And he wants to start right then and there. I perk up, thinking we are about to do some cool Holy Spirit praying. I was ready!!

“I want us as a church to pray about something that is hush hush. Its still in the beginning stages. Its this great property.” says the pastor

What? Please, please, please, let me have just misunderstood what this man has just said. Please!!!!

“We have a great property, and old school. 6.2 acres, 3 buildings. Just perfect. I want to challenge us as a church to pray for 15 minutes a day about this property. Because we don’t have the money, but God does.”

I think I might barf in my chair. I can feel my face turning red, as I get mad. And I try and breath back my tears. But I am pissed. Hard-core mad.

I hate building funds. I hate praying for hundreds and thousands of dollars for church buildings. This is the burbs of Seattle where homes cost around $300,00, and building much more. Ask me to pray for our community, for the homeless in the area, for the poverty and disease around the world, for our Christian brothers and sisters that die for Jesus everyday, but please don’t ask me to pray for a building.


Now don’t get me wrong, I do think that there are real churches that grow and grow and outgrow their buildings. But I think its so hard to only get what you need from a building as apposed to want we want. Instead of just making things bigger, they add cool sound systems, comfy pews, new screens, beautiful landscaping, etc. Its kinda like buying a car. I need a 7 passenger car that will get me around and not chug tons of gas. That’s pretty much all I need. But if you let me loose on a car lot……I have so much car lust. Especially a beautiful blue VW Eurovan. Its so nice!!!! So cute!!! I could have a much longed after cd player put in(to play Christian music, of course), an 8th seat(to take extra buddies to church). Really I want a cd player, cause it would be way fun to hear our cd’s in the car. And I really want an 8 passenger cause we lug a lot of boys around to play soccer with us. And that Eurovan is way out of my price range on top of it all. But I could probably talk myself and my hubby into it. There is a big difference from what I want and what I just need to get around.

Lets say that a church in America spends $500,000 on a new building for their church. That’s the total cost. What else could that $5000,000 do?

  • Feed 260,416 people for Thanksgiving at Seattle Union Gospel Mission
  • Gospel for Asia can send 166,666 New Testament Bibles to churches is Asia
  • You can feed, clothe, and give medicine to 21,739 children in Liberia through Project 23
  • You can send 50,000 chairs to churches in the interior of Brasil through Gospel for Brazil
  • Here is Seattle we can donate coats to foster kids through Sleep Country USA. At $20 a coat we could give 25,000 coats to foster kids in our state alone.
  • We can build 45 churches in India.

I am frustrated. Very, very frustrated. If I truly did not believe that Jesus wants us in a church family, I would just give it up. There is such a sour taste in my mouth that I need to work it out with Jesus. We are going to call up the pastor this week and invite him and his wife for supper one night. Who knows, maybe they are planning on opening a community center or a homeless shelter with this building. Maybe it will be much more that just a really expensive church building? I really hope so. Church hopping sucks. I am excruciatingly tired of that. And I only have two things that I ask of my church.

  1. Believe in Jesus and the Bible (duh!)
  2. And no building funds!

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L-O-V-E~Jesus style


Yesterday at church there was a guest pastor. And he actually did a great job! His topic was love. Good ole’ love. But he spoke so simply that it made me do a double take on 1Corinthians 13. So we know love if kind, love is patient, etc. Now if God is love, then all those ‘loves’ in 1Corinthians 13 are God. Are you lost, cause I feel lost and I am the one doing the explaining. Here read 1Corinthians 13:4-7. I took the word love and put God instead. Look how freakin’ cool that love/God is!

4 God is patient and kind. God is not jealous or boastful or proud 5 or rude. God does not demand His own way. God is not irritable, and He keeps no record of being wronged. 67 God never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. God does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out.

God is kind! He doesn’t remember all the crap we’ve done! Endures through every circumstance! The visiting pastor asked us if we were loving (kids, hubby, wife, parents, friends whomever) like Jesus loves? That is a massive question. My sad answer was no. So I started making a list of folks that I really really, really, really need to work on loving. Not kinda loving but hard core Jesus lovin’. I am sad once again that my list got so long I closed my Bible so nobody else around would see how incredibly big my list actually was. But, dude, that whole Jesus love sounds hecka hard and hecka cool at the same time. So here is a question, what does the real, hard core,sucky, but super cool Jesus love look like in everyday action? So to my two readers(my mom and best bud) what do you think? Oohhh….this should be juicccyyyy!!!

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Can you light your fire with hand sanitizer?

So here is your deep thoughts for a Sunday afternoon. If you are out of lighter fluid and you would like to build a nice fire in your fire place, can you use hand sanitizer to light the fire?100_3043.JPG


Yeah…..the answer is no. Surprising I know. My husband and boys were VERY shocked and VERY let down. Its fun to have lots of boys around……humm…….

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