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And then we were 8…..

Ya know, I always thought we would eventually adopt again. When I imagined it, she was a sweet, chunky little Liberian toddler. A girl, of course! And I would do her hair into little puffs and she would wear the cutest little toddler girl dresses ever. She would be our last baby. I had it all planned out…to a ‘T’.

Then of course, God had bigger and way better plans for my family.

This incredibly beautiful 12 year old girl, from Brasil no less, is our newest daughter. And we are all enchanted to say the least. We met Miss G, by phone, last July. She was in Brasil being adopted by an American mom. I knew them kinda through a friend, and I helped with translation stuff. We have watched for the past 15 months as Miss G and her adoptive mom have struggled. And not too long ago her adoptive mom decided that she could no longer be Miss G’s mom. And now here she is. Of course, its not really like *snap* and here she is. There are a lot of little details, gut wrenching intense moments, and heartbreak.

I have been trying to write this blog entry for quite a while. I’ve written and erased several times over the past couple of weeks. Trying to find the just the right words to explain my feelings about all of this.

And I kept thinking of this fabulous Ben Harper song called, Blessed to be A Witness.

The Chorus says, I am Blessed

I am Blessed

I am Blessed

I am Blessed

I am Blessed to be a witness

And that kinda sums it all up. I am blessed. I have this fabulous opportunity to witness Jesus in action on a daily basis. I am humbled that ultimately He gave me exactly what I have been desiring, one more daughter. She isn’t the chunky little toddler that I had envisioned in my head. She is way, way better…..

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What a difference a year makes.

Last weekend marked the 1 year anniversary of when our boys arrived from Liberia.


We first heard their names back in 2003. My mom, a pediatric nurse, went to Liberia to nurse for 2 weeks. It was the first time I had ever heard of Liberia. I didn’t even know where it was on the map. She happened to be in Liberia at the time when the civil war was peaking and rebel soldiers were advancing towards the capital Monrovia. Even the US Consular called the group of doctors and nurses to the US Embassy and asked what in the world were they doing in Monrovia. But they stayed and held medical clinics. The organization they were with had 3 orphanages. A home for the deaf, a home for older boys(15 and up), and their main orphanage which had around 400 kids there. So out to the orphanages they went. And at the main orphanage she met Mr. O and Mr. H for the 1st time. Even to this day she doesn’t really know why she singled out these two brothers and one of the other 400 kids there.

Mom’s plane is the last plane to leave Liberia before rebel troops take over Monrovia and the airport. Soon their nutty president is also out of there.

2004 rolls around and back to Liberia my mom goes. And again in the misdt of holding medical clinics both in Monrovia and out in the bush, the team heads to those same three orphanages. And once again there is Mr. O and Mr. H, anxiously awaiting her arrival. This time she promises that she will find them a sponsor in America. Someone to write to them and pray for them.

In 2005 she goes for a 3 week medical trip. She calls one day, from Liberia, just bawling. “I told Mr.O and Mr.H that I would find them sponsors and I didn’t. But I lied and told them that I had. I just couldn’t tell them that I hadn’t. You should have seen their faces.” Trying to calm her down I tell her to tell the boys that our family is their sponsors. So she goes into town and buys a couple of things for the boys and tells them of the American sponsors. When she came back from her trip she had a letter for us from the boys. The thanked us for being their sponsor and for their presents. They spoke of wanting a mom and dad of wanting to be adopted. So we put this picture up on our fridgeimg.jpg

and said we would pray for them and next year when mom went we would send a fun care package. Truly for me that was that.

One day Mr. M brought me into his room. He showed me where we would put Mr.H’s bed when the boys came from Liberia. I very gently explained that the boys would not be coming here. They live in Liberia, which is really far away. Mr.M starts talking, constantly, of what we will do once the boys come home. I just kinda ignore him.

Then my hubby jumps onto the boat after being touched by their letter. Now their letter was sweet, but I sure wasn’t about to adopt me some big ole’ Liberian BOYS. Now I already had 2 boys and 2 more boys equals 4 boys. I mean c’mon, give a girl a break!

In adoption the first step is a homestudy. I agree to this homestudy truly thinking that no one in their right mind would let two 25 year olds adopt kids from Africa.

Our social worker thought it was a great idea.

Next step is to ask to US government to allow you to adopt kids from whatever country you are choosing to adopt from. Fabulous! There is no way the US government will let hubby and I adopt kiddos from Africa. I wipe the sweat off my brow and think that at least I tried.

Not only did the US government think we should bring home 2 kids, they approved us for 3!!

That was the beginning of our long adoption story.The boys came home after a 20 month adoption process. I would never have imagined how children from a small West African country could change my life so dramatically and capture my heart so fully. I am blown away by God entrusting to me these kiddos. I am honored to be their their mama.

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termites and a cool movie!

Life seems to be kinda crazy at the moment. I have tried to sit and blog a couple of times only to be interrupted by things like fighting children or “mom, Mr. H is gonna eat a termite”. Which he totally DID!100_3815.jpg

My bestest friend just made a fabulous slideshow of her trip to Liberia. She adopted the greatest kid! So please take a moment, relax , and enjoy Liberia…….

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Coming out both ends…..:(


So the nasty stomach virus hit our house. It hit the worst person, too. The smallest one who sleeps on the top bunk, that would never have enough time to climb down and run to the bathroom. Little G kept me up all(and this is no over exaggeration) all night long on Monday night. Ugh! Both ends folks…..I will take a moment to feel really, really, really sorry for myself……

And on another sad note, my best buddy left me to go all the way to Africa to pick up her newest son. Yeah,I guess I know what her priorities are! Go check out her blog at, she is gonna try and blog from Liberia.

In memory of my best bud adopting, again, I thought I would put up some sites of adoption agencies/orphanages in Africa. So if you have ever thought of adopting or just wanna go look at some great sites about Africa, go check them out!

Liberian adoption

Ethipoian adoption

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The day we went to the courthouse!

Yesterday was the BIG day…well sorta. Yesterday we finalized our adoption of all three kiddos here in the US. Their adoption was final in Liberia and now its final here in the States. They will get new lovely US birth certificates and……well I think thats it.

But of course the whole thing was not without problem. Our court appointment was yesterday at 1:30. On Tuesday at about 11:30 we get a call from the adoption paralegal. Our medicals had expired by two months as had our background check. Oh, and we needed a financial form and medicals for all 3 kids. Oh my gosh, I so hard core freaked out. It was insane! Found a walk-in clinic for my hubby and I. Where all 7 of us spent quality time together. Two hours of quality time,actually.

Of course my scanner broke. Which I needed to scan copies of our homestudy to the adoption paralegal. So after the really long doctor visit we go to Kinko’s, scan and email our original homestudy to adoption paralegal. So lame!

And to top off the re-adoption cake, our pediatrician office were being poo-heads about writing up medicals for the kids. I mean seriously, its in the charts. Take number from the charts put them onto a paper. But no, they were oh so rude! Next time I will take vomity kids to office and make sure they vomit on yucky receptionist and nurse.

Finally all the papers are done and ready. We go to the courthouse in anticipation. We have a closed courtroom(which is super cool!), since its an adoption proceeding. Our judge was not having a happy day. He was GRUUUMPY! I actually thought he was not going to finalize the adoption, cause we had our financial stuff the wrong way. But since we had had our finances looked at for our homestudy, the Liberian government, and the US Embassy, he let that slide.


He asks if we are ready for the responsibility of raising these children. It we understand that this is a lifelong commitment. And on and on. It felt like I had some big one year old baby and somebody was telling me about not forgetting to change the diapers or feed the baby. But we smiled and said we are very ready for the responsibility. And then he asks each kid in turn if they want to be in our family. I didn’t even turn my head to look at Miss P who that day had lost tv for some weird kid thang. I was envisioning her telling the judge all about her mean momma that took away her tv. As I held my breath all she said she likes our family. Whoosh!


But alas, like all good things worth waiting for, he signed our adoption decree and we have officially and legally 5 children.


Rock on!

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Fun and more fun!

We drove to beautiful Bellingham yesterday to hang out with a great family that has three Liberian kiddos. One of the boys was actually in Mr.H’s room at the orphanage. We all had such a fun time!!! There was a total of 20 kids from toddlers to teenagers. And they all did great together. Thanks for inviting us Renee!!! You can check out the pictures on their blog,


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To Liberia or bust!

I have mentioned my bestest friend in the world, Raquel, before. I just adore her and her whole fun clan! We both adopted kids together, from Liberia, at around the same time. She adopted a sibling group of 3 (twins ages 5 and their 4 year old little bro). I have had a blast watching them grow as a family during the past almost two years. My kiddos just LOVE her clan! Actually one of my children(my 4 year old) is totally and hopelessly in love with one of the Raquel’s beautiful girls…..I strongly encourage the match by the way, because she is oh so cute and he is super handsome and together they would have the CUTEST grandbabies for me!picture-1076.jpg

The future Mr & Mrs…….

Anyways…….About 9 months ago Raquel’s adoption orphanage let her know that the big brother to her three kiddos was up for adoption. What did she think? I wanted to really laugh when she told me, but I refrained because her voice had a touch of near-hysteria in it. Long story short, Mrs. Raquel just reserved herself and her newest son a ticket to and from Liberia!


Way cute, right??

He is a cutie 10ish year old with epilepsy. He was actually brought in with his brother and sisters, but because of his age, size of the sibling group, and health issue the adoption orphanage thought it would be impossible to find him a home(they had not yet come into contact with the hurricane for Jesus know as Mrs. Raquel and her hubby). Raquel leaves for Liberia February 2nd. Here is a link to her adoption blog . On the lower left hand side of the adoption blog there is a link to her Paypal adoption account if anyone would like to help with the last minute cost (like airfare and stay while in Liberia). This Paypal fundraiser is called the $1.00 adoption fund. People go onto the link and give a dollar. Yeah, one dollar! So go and give 1 buck (we all spend more than that at Starbuck for one coffee.).

Raquel, I so love you and your great family! I can’t wait to meet your newest man!!

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