And then we were 8…..

Ya know, I always thought we would eventually adopt again. When I imagined it, she was a sweet, chunky little Liberian toddler. A girl, of course! And I would do her hair into little puffs and she would wear the cutest little toddler girl dresses ever. She would be our last baby. I had it all planned out…to a ‘T’.

Then of course, God had bigger and way better plans for my family.

This incredibly beautiful 12 year old girl, from Brasil no less, is our newest daughter. And we are all enchanted to say the least. We met Miss G, by phone, last July. She was in Brasil being adopted by an American mom. I knew them kinda through a friend, and I helped with translation stuff. We have watched for the past 15 months as Miss G and her adoptive mom have struggled. And not too long ago her adoptive mom decided that she could no longer be Miss G’s mom. And now here she is. Of course, its not really like *snap* and here she is. There are a lot of little details, gut wrenching intense moments, and heartbreak.

I have been trying to write this blog entry for quite a while. I’ve written and erased several times over the past couple of weeks. Trying to find the just the right words to explain my feelings about all of this.

And I kept thinking of this fabulous Ben Harper song called, Blessed to be A Witness.

The Chorus says, I am Blessed

I am Blessed

I am Blessed

I am Blessed

I am Blessed to be a witness

And that kinda sums it all up. I am blessed. I have this fabulous opportunity to witness Jesus in action on a daily basis. I am humbled that ultimately He gave me exactly what I have been desiring, one more daughter. She isn’t the chunky little toddler that I had envisioned in my head. She is way, way better…..

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    B said,

    Liz told me about this FABULOUS adventure and even though it’s not a fruit of the spirit I was jealously HAPPY for you!!! It is so amazing to see God working and your family growing! It’s one of those God hugs that you get making your feel all FILLED UP inside! I am excited to see more pictures of your expanding family! Now you have an American, a few Liberian’s, a Brazilian and a “sort of Chinese” – you have got the RAINBOW going on! Yeah!

  2. 2

    Joe said,

    On the random chance that someone out there might read this…

    This impish, mischievous, inquisitive little girl was going to go live in the Amazon jungle with the Indians when she grew up. Instead, she has done the exact opposite; she has brought the “Indians” to live with her.

    I’ve never seen anyone with a heart as big, and soft, as hers. I’ve seen her go from a cute little munchkin to a rebellious teenager trying to discover her identity to a woman, wife and mother who has blossomed like desert flowers that have lain dormant for years, simply waiting for rain. When the rains came, she didn’t simply transform into a beautiful flower; she has become a magnificent and stately redwood, ready to take on any storm and provide shelter to all huddled around her trunk. She has discovered who the real Jesus is, the one most folks never even meet, and has become Him to those she encounters.

    The writer of this blog has made me burst with pride… I’m her dad, and am honored that she is my daughter.

    Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands. How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them! —Psalms 127:4-5.

  3. 3

    Congratulations!!! I came here to say that and then youd Dad’s words had me crying. How wonderful and beautiful the adoption and the love from both of your fathers is… continue to amaze me. 🙂

  4. 4

    Holy Smokes! Wow! I obviously haven’t checked in for a while.

    What an incredible blessing for all. I so admire your willingness to open your home and your family so freely. I hope our family will grow the same way.

    I’ll say a prayer that the transition will be as smooth as possible…




    P.S. Your dad’s comment was one of the sweetest things I have ever read.

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