Brasil vs. Canada part 2

So last night was the night. Brasil vs. Canada. Seattle was hoppin’ with yellow and green. Brasil fans here, Brasil fans there. So, so cool……

A small group of us went and sat in the cheapest seats around. We were so high up that I really would have felt much safer with some kind of safety harness on. But to take our minds off of our extremely unsafe seats, were the overly intoxicated college guys. We high fived a lot, and promised not to tell the other guy that somebody had put a sticker on their back.

All in all we had such a blast. Mr. O was on the field the whole game as “ball manager”(aka ball boy). He loved being able to describe in detail, players that his brothers only saw as little ants down on the field! 🙂

So, I know you are all just gitty waiting for some cool Brasil soccer pictures. Waa-lah! …….ooohhh…I almost forgot, Brasil totally won 3-2.

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    Sheree said,

    my husband went to this game. it was a pricey game. but none the less fun and exciting. 🙂

    ps i’m ghettoquilter’s friend. 🙂

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