Sadness and soccer.

So this past Saturday was the Washington State Cup finals for all the age divisions. Our ultra-cool 13 year old, Mr. O, and his team made it to the finals. Our first time…ever! The excitement was HUGE! I seriously felt very vomity the whole game.

Then all of a sudden very club dancing music comes on and an announcer welcomes both teams onto the field.


Then all the boys get announced….one at a time! It was so cool!! 🙂

But alas in the first 5 minutes we score…..on ourselves. Oh the sadness. The final score was 2-0 for them.


This is our down-trodden team receiving their medals. Please also notice the stupid black team with their ugly Hawaiian leis (the winner of this game goes to Hawaii to play regionals) .

But the beauty is that our season is over! No soccer every weekend, no practices. What will we do with ourselves?

{Very deep sigh}

The sad truth is that we only have a week off until try-outs this weekend and our season will start all over again. (a small tear is trickling down….)

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  1. 1

    tazdog said,

    Congrats on being a finalist.. Too bad you didnt win out….!!!

  2. 2

    Ohhhhhhhh…. *cringe* scoring on yourself is SUCH a bummer…
    I’m sorry they didn’t win this game (would you ALL have gone to Hawaii??) But getting that far is pretty awesome. Our team had a straight losing record last season (well, we tied one game… but we have great hopes for this year. We were just way too cocky going into it last spring. We assumed that since it was an Adult Rec. league there would be a bunch of old guys out there. Boy were we wrong!! We forgot to factor in that it was CANADA where soccer is somewhat of a national obbsession — some of the teams we played were CUT-THROAT! We needed your four-year-old to get out on the field with us and do some trash-talking!! HA!! 🙂

    I can’t wait until my kids are old enough for soccer!!


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