To Liberia or bust!

I have mentioned my bestest friend in the world, Raquel, before. I just adore her and her whole fun clan! We both adopted kids together, from Liberia, at around the same time. She adopted a sibling group of 3 (twins ages 5 and their 4 year old little bro). I have had a blast watching them grow as a family during the past almost two years. My kiddos just LOVE her clan! Actually one of my children(my 4 year old) is totally and hopelessly in love with one of the Raquel’s beautiful girls…..I strongly encourage the match by the way, because she is oh so cute and he is super handsome and together they would have the CUTEST grandbabies for me!picture-1076.jpg

The future Mr & Mrs…….

Anyways…….About 9 months ago Raquel’s adoption orphanage let her know that the big brother to her three kiddos was up for adoption. What did she think? I wanted to really laugh when she told me, but I refrained because her voice had a touch of near-hysteria in it. Long story short, Mrs. Raquel just reserved herself and her newest son a ticket to and from Liberia!


Way cute, right??

He is a cutie 10ish year old with epilepsy. He was actually brought in with his brother and sisters, but because of his age, size of the sibling group, and health issue the adoption orphanage thought it would be impossible to find him a home(they had not yet come into contact with the hurricane for Jesus know as Mrs. Raquel and her hubby). Raquel leaves for Liberia February 2nd. Here is a link to her adoption blog . On the lower left hand side of the adoption blog there is a link to her Paypal adoption account if anyone would like to help with the last minute cost (like airfare and stay while in Liberia). This Paypal fundraiser is called the $1.00 adoption fund. People go onto the link and give a dollar. Yeah, one dollar! So go and give 1 buck (we all spend more than that at Starbuck for one coffee.).

Raquel, I so love you and your great family! I can’t wait to meet your newest man!!

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  1. 1

    How sweet of you to share and that picture of the future Mr. & Mrs. is too precious.

    (BTW – the paypal link isn’t working) 😦

  2. 2

    pelogifam said,

    Southy~ Thanks for the heads up, I couldn’t get it to work. 😦
    Yeah are those 2 cute or what????And they are both very lovey dovey so when they are together I have to keep a good eye on my 4 year old!

  3. 3

    Arimar said,

    We were checkin’ out your post and fell in love with your header photo of all the kids — we’d love to have a picture of it on my photo table (could you email it to me). Gabriel and Rachael’s little girl make a really cute couple.

    Happy New Year!

    We love you all!

  4. 4

    raquelamisto said,

    thanks T.


    is this post an attempt to de-stress me?? I love you too.

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