The Underwear Fairy has bit the dust!

For those of you that fondly remember the Underwear Fairy, she has gone. But do not be sad, because she is being replaced by the equally as cool Vitamin Fairy.

Ashley is a great gal that works in Liberia. (Go check out her blog ) . Last time she went she asked for help with new underwear for the kids.

At the end of February she is going back to Liberia, this time with bags jam packed with kids chewable vitamins!! So here’s what YOU can do;

  • Go to
  • Sign the pledge
  • Go buy kids vitamins or send her a gift card to like Wal-Mart or Target and Ashley will go get them herself.
  • send to Vitamin Fairy.

See really easy.


(this is one of Ashley’s fabulous pictures!)

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O Christmas tree……

I think we have set a record, we got our tree up with 10 days still to go until the big day! Usually its like that week/couple of days before the 25th.  Actually we got the tree on Saturday morning, so that is like 12 days before Christmas(granted it hung out in our garage for the weekend, cause we were way too busy to put it up!).

But alas it is up in all its sparkly light glory.  The biggest obstacle was trying to get all 6 kiddos, in front of the tree, smiling for the camera. But after a couple of  bad shots I threatened to take away supper until a lovely picture was taken, and bada bing bada boom, we have one!


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My Peeps.

What to do on a nice afternoon, but take some pictures?

Yeah…those are my peeps.

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The House at Sugar Beach

I love, love, love reading. I mean a good book, a comfy spot and that is totally heavenly. Add reading plus one of my obsessions and waala…its magic.

Liberia+memoir+ fabulous writing= The House At Sugar Beach.

It is the story of a young Liberian, upper class girl as she grows up in Liberia. She did such a fabulous job at writing out her story. You can feel the humidity or smell the food. Its seriously a great read.

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The Underwear Fairy

Last winter I wrote about the Underwear Fairy that was collecting new undies to give out to orphanages in Liberia. Well the Underwear Fairy is back in Liberia, working with Orphan Relief and Rescue. Ashley (aka the Underwear Fairy) just updated her blog and she is handing out all those new undies to kiddos all over Liberia. Its pretty dang cool. So go check it out at,

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And then we were 8…..

Ya know, I always thought we would eventually adopt again. When I imagined it, she was a sweet, chunky little Liberian toddler. A girl, of course! And I would do her hair into little puffs and she would wear the cutest little toddler girl dresses ever. She would be our last baby. I had it all planned out…to a ‘T’.

Then of course, God had bigger and way better plans for my family.

This incredibly beautiful 12 year old girl, from Brasil no less, is our newest daughter. And we are all enchanted to say the least. We met Miss G, by phone, last July. She was in Brasil being adopted by an American mom. I knew them kinda through a friend, and I helped with translation stuff. We have watched for the past 15 months as Miss G and her adoptive mom have struggled. And not too long ago her adoptive mom decided that she could no longer be Miss G’s mom. And now here she is. Of course, its not really like *snap* and here she is. There are a lot of little details, gut wrenching intense moments, and heartbreak.

I have been trying to write this blog entry for quite a while. I’ve written and erased several times over the past couple of weeks. Trying to find the just the right words to explain my feelings about all of this.

And I kept thinking of this fabulous Ben Harper song called, Blessed to be A Witness.

The Chorus says, I am Blessed

I am Blessed

I am Blessed

I am Blessed

I am Blessed to be a witness

And that kinda sums it all up. I am blessed. I have this fabulous opportunity to witness Jesus in action on a daily basis. I am humbled that ultimately He gave me exactly what I have been desiring, one more daughter. She isn’t the chunky little toddler that I had envisioned in my head. She is way, way better…..

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Homeschool Homies

An ode to all you homeschool homies out there….

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